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How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?


As you are driving through your neighborhood or to the nearest mall, you may notice more and more LED strip light being used in both residential and commercial applications. Strip Light, also known as Tape Light or Ribbon Light, is an extremely versatile product. Available in 1000s of varieties depending on the configuration of components, there is an option for every situation


Strip Light House Trim


The customization of the components also impacts the life of the product, the higher quality components, the longer the lifespan. For example, a weatherproof situation would require a rating of IP65 or higher, which paired with a high-quality SMD circuit board would last exponentially longer because the components are designed for the application.

Another factor to consider when using LED strip light is the heat management. Just because you can apply a 3M adhesive to a flat surface and adhere the strip light, does not mean it is an ideal location. Wood is not a practical heat sink, so applying LED strip directly to the underside of a cabinet is not conducive to the longevity of the product. Instead, mount an aluminum channel with lens and insert the LED strip keeping air flow and heat distribution maximized.


Landscape Strip Light


Due to the extreme variation in quality of the LED Strip Lighting that is available on the market, an average lifespan would realistically 5,000-10,000 hours, or 1-2 years running constantly. If the above tips are taken into consideration and the product is of the utmost quality, a reasonable life expectancy could be 50,000 hours, or 6-7 years. In quoting “years” we are estimating the time the lights are on, with the average for residential being 5-10 hours/day, or in a commercial setting it could be as much as 24/7.


Always check the specs for the product you’re interested in purchasing. That deal online may look like a steal, but you’ll likely be unsatisfied or paying more when you have to buy it again 6 months later.

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