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LED Commercial Grow Lighting: The Smarter Way For Your Business

Adding LED lights to Commercial Grow facilities offers two main benefits; the ability to grow in a simulated environment, and to precisely control the amount and quality of light to produce the best results for a specific plant. The option to grow commercially indoors has revolutionized many industries over the past decade, allowing for produce to be grown locally – saving on transportation and labour costs. As well, with the legalization of marijuana in many countries, the recreational and medicinal cannabis companies are able to produce quality product in less time, in any location.






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Why Invest In Grow Lighting?

Whether you are an avid at-home gardener or a Fortune 500 company that produces tonnes of produce for consumers, LED lights can increase your productivity levels. Automation has become commonplace in the past few decades, with Artificial Intelligence being integrated in all manner of industries. App- controlled LED lighting is not only convenient but is also energy efficient. Climate control is a large part of successful agriculture, LED lights do not produce the extreme heat of many traditional light sources, which in turn reduces the costs of cooling in a simulated environment.


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Who Are We?

We provide our clients with customized products and value

Switch LED Lighting is committed to bringing our clients high-quality products and value, alongside personalized customer care. We can provide our clients with such a high standard of work thanks to our ability to directly access facilities that manufacture LED lights. With this foundation, we can design, develop and manufacture customized commercial LED lighting solutions strictly for your business requirements and requests. Our numbers, including customer served and money saved, highlight that our method works for various industries across Western Canada. When it comes to a team that has a history of excellence behind them, choose the experts at Switch LED Lighting.


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What Makes Our Commercial LED Lighting Solutions Stand Out?

One of the most prominent issues facing our planet today is access to clean water and affordable food. One challenge of providing fresh produce to certain locations is transportation costs. Produce has specific conditions that must be met to grow; light, water, space and labour. Many areas cannot meet these conditions naturally, so traditionally they have had to have fresh fruits and vegetables transported in by truck. Technological advancements have designed ways for local populations to use LED lights, along with hydroponics to create artificial environments where plant life thrives. These environments can be set up in a tiered system that offers high yields in small spaces, thus providing much needed fresh produce at a fraction of the cost of transported in product.

Frequently Asked

While there are no major differences between the lights, there is a substantial difference in the quality of the casing and protection. Outdoor systems have casings that protect against extreme weather changes, such as snow, wind and heat, to guarantee they work efficiently, while indoor lights don’t.
Thanks to the durability of the lights itself, coupled with the high-quality solutions we provide, maintaining your LED lighting systems is easy and simple. Minimal effort is required, barring annual electricity checks. Enjoy a safer, more durable lighting system with us.

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