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LED Lighting Design Services

Design services can be a great asset to any project, especially if you are looking to redesign a current space. It can be difficult to envision how the space could be utilized another way, but with the wonders of technology, revitalizing a current location is just a click away. Drafting programs like AutoCAD can input a variety of different measures to create as much, or little detail in a design as required.






Photometric Light
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Why Design with Switch?

Switch LED Lighting is proud to offer complimentary Photometric Light Studies to our clients. With the assistance of our factories, we can use any combination of schematic drawings, renderings, or dimensions to create a digital depiction of how a configuration of lights will work in a space. For instance, if a company feels the current light fixture layout is not great for their purpose, we can try a variety of different fixtures and configurations to show how to best illuminate the space for function and aesthetics.


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Who Are We?

We provide our clients with customized products and value

Switch LED Lighting is committed to bringing our clients high-quality products and value, alongside personalized customer care. We can provide our clients with such a high standard of work thanks to our ability to directly access facilities that manufacture LED lights. With this foundation, we can design, develop and manufacture customized commercial LED lighting solutions strictly for your business requirements and requests. Our numbers, including customer served and money saved, highlight that our method works for various industries across Western Canada. When it comes to a team that has a history of excellence behind them, choose the experts at Switch LED Lighting.


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Photometric Light Study Benefits:

Photometric light study is the study of light itself, not just a type of lighting. Photometrics, photometric analysis and photometric studies are just different names of the same thing. It focuses on how a light leaves a fixture and goes into the surrounding area it is in.  It is a computer simulation of light. It is very important knowledge for the people who are in the business of working with light fixtures and lighting design.

In large or commercial spaces that require major lighting, photometrics play an important role. It allows architects and lighting designers to know if the light is enough for a space. It can confirm brightness, intensity, evenness of light and more

Frequently Asked

While there are no major differences between the lights, there is a substantial difference in the quality of the casing and protection. Outdoor systems have casings that protect against extreme weather changes, such as snow, wind and heat, to guarantee they work efficiently, while indoor lights don’t.
Outdoor commercial LED lights offer very similar benefits to indoor LED lights, such as lower utility bills, reduced carbon emissions, less waste from the disposal of burnt-out bulbs and more savings. There is also the aesthetic appeal of LED lights, which with flexible colours and tones, allows for greater atmospheric changes.
Thanks to the durability of the lights itself, coupled with the high-quality solutions we provide, maintaining your LED lighting systems is easy and simple. Minimal effort is required, barring annual electricity checks. Enjoy a safer, more durable lighting system with us.

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