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Actionable Ways to Save Energy

Most facilities consume a lot of energy during the day. From heating the building to inefficient lighting fixtures in the building; systems that are running 8-24 hours a day can prove to be a huge consumer of energy and thus, a high utility overhead to maintain.

This post is specifically for those in a decision-making capacity or who can recommend new ideas to those who do make these types of decisions. The overall goal of this post is to bring the most actionable energy saving ideas so that you can start looking into them immediately.


Replace inefficient lighting fixtures with LED

In school facilities we most commonly find tube lighting being used in the hallways, classrooms, and anywhere with lower ceilings that are flat.

This technology is, often, fluorescent. Believe it or not, this actually isn’t the most energy efficient lighting technology out there. So what is you ask?

Well, LED technology is by far the most efficient luminaire on the market today. By switching from fluorescent to LED, you will be able to realize a 30% reduction in electric energy consumption associated with your tube lights.

Parking lots, exterior walls and sports fields can make the switch away from technologies like metal halide, high pressure sodium and fluorescent lighting to LED and realize every greater energy savings by up to 75%! Talk about a lot of energy being reduced.


Install occupancy sensors

Some areas of your building may not be in use at all times where the lights would be on otherwise (such as hallways). By installing occupancy sensors which turn on when there is movement, you will be able to have lights be on only when the area is needed. No more needing to illuminate that back hallway that is only used a few times a day all of the time!


Make sure everyone is conscious of turning off lights

You can have all of the technology in the world, but if someone doesn’t turn off lights that need to be turned off manually (such as a switch inside a classroom), you will be realizing a great waste of energy in your building that can’t really be fixed otherwise.

To solve this, make sure an email goes out to every staff member (and maybe even the students) stating there is a new initiative in energy reduction on campus. Believe it or not a lot of people will listen and be more aware of it next time they leave a room..


Conduct energy audits

By conducting a throughout and professional energy audit, you get every area of your school inspected to ensure you can upgrade and replace all outdated and energy-sapping fixtures.


Go solar and generate energy

There is only so much you can do when it comes to conserving energy, but you will always be consuming some. By taking these above steps, you will be able to greatly reduce your energy consumption levels so much so that you may even be able to power it all through solar.

The investment in solar technology can be hefty, but rebates and grants are out there to make it a more affordable option that ever. On top of that, you are becoming a role model to the community by showcasing what conserving energy can do when used with solar energy technology. Let solar generate your building a positive ROI all while conversing the planet’s resources.



All these tips are exactly how energy efficiency is becoming more attainable. By creating sustainable models, reducing ongoing costs, and generating a positive atmosphere for generations to come.

The upfront costs may be intimidating, instead we recommend looking at the bigger picture. By investing the capital now you are able to save 10x the amount in energy costs later.The suggestions above will do just that, improve the bottom line. As a bonus, we are also having a positive impact on the environment. Sounds like a win-win to us! Just remember that saving energy does not have to be hard, just take it step by step and you will slowly see the results of your efforts build up!

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