UVC Disinfecting Downlight

  • Automatic Sterilization: Standard white-light mode when space is occupied, and initializes sterilization mode starts automatically when people leave the space.
  • Space & Air Sterilization: Disinfection for the surface areas in the space and also kills airborne germs.
  • Smart Radar Detection: Mass-detecting radar feature which provides an auto-off function to ensure safety.
  • Ozone Free: Ozone-free; the space can be used immediately after sterilization without ventilation.
  • Suitable for Different Spaces: Sterilization programming feature can be set to adapt to different sizes of space.
  • Applications: Elevator, restaurant, barbershop, fitting room, meeting room, hotel, restroom, and other public spaces.


  • Color: White
  • Power port: AC port (2Pin)
  • Size: 180mm x 53.3mm
  • Weight: 475g (exclude the base plate)
  • UVC Sterilizing: 35W
  • 3 Installation Modes: Ceiling lamp mode, Wall lamp mode, Table lamp mode
  • Auto Sterilization: Different time modes with 30, 60, 120 minutes for indoor space sterilization
  • Lighting LED Beads Qty: 40units
  • UV LED Beads Qty: 30units


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