Tube lighting is one of the most common lighting styles in the world, they can be found in a variety of locations from the smallest convenience store to a towering skyscraper. Switching out to an LED tube from a traditional fluorescent tube saves both money and electricity.

Completely UL, cUL and DLC certified, manufactured without mercury for eco-friendliness. Easy to install and operate, the DC current can be adjusted through output cable with 1-10V, and as with all LED these are instant start, non-flickering and non-humming products.



    • Lumen Output: 130-150 lm/W
    • Power: 11.5-25.5W
    • Voltage: 100-277V, 277-480V and 120-347V
    • Color Temperature: 3000K-5000K
    • Types: A (Ballast Compatible), B (Ballast Bypass) and C (Ballast Bypass or Compatible)
    • Applications: Recreation, Education, Retail, Office, Healthcare, Commercial, Food Service, Distribution, Hospitality.


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